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Beatrice "Bea" Arthur just wanted her special herbs. Really we all do, don’t we? If that were legal, the prison industrial complex would no longer rule us, and we would all like each other a little bit more. But this is about Bea, she was a tough broad that we should all aspire to emulate. Learn More

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Statements Hello I'm Dorothy. Dorothy Zbornak I desperately need your help. Oh hi, yes I heard you called, what a pleasant surprise. Will you wake up? You have a call. Words can't express what I have to say, what I went through, what YOU put me through. The reason I calling you, Kate is getting married! Yes, married! Yes, in a few days, and I'm giving her a little wedding here in Miami and I wanted to invite you, can you come? 38 years happened. 38 years of sharing and crying and dreaming and fighting and loving a school plays and little league! Bob Fredericks Buzz off. Dorothy! C'mon now. What did you do? Eric Murdoch Everybody thinks I'm crazy, maybe I am, maybe I'm really crazy. I did you a favor, you do me a favor. I don't care who it is, it could be the King of England! I don't care! I have a constant sore throat, swollen glands, fevers, my muscles ache and are weak, I am totally exhausted all the time. I have heart palpitations, I can't concentrate, I forget things, I get confused. I know, but I am not passing judgement. I need some marijuana. I really am sick, I have chronic fatigue syndrome, that is a real illness. I smoke as much grass as you do. I'm at a point now that I am so exhausted that I cannot speak. Literally, I cannot speak. I'm got to have some marijuana. I'm not the only one who was cruel and vicious. I have feelings too. I've got to get the marijuana, I refuse to give up! If you've ever man a man who knows how to push all your buttons... It's a little strange, a little bizarre, a little off the wall but it just might work. It's a substance that makes you feel sexy. Looks just like oregano doesn't it? Maud Findlay me too No No one deserves that kind of treatment. No. Oh c'mon! Oh let's not talk about that, tell me about YOUR day! Oh my god, I don't believe it. Oh sure you can honey, I'll help you. Oh yeah. OOOOOOh, maybe I am crazy. Please, please, PRETTY PLEASE! Stan Thanks, that really makes me feel a lot better. That's great. What am I going to do? What for? What is going on? What? When I finally get what you tried to cheat me out of, I get to say, "Goodbye." Why didn't you tell me? You silly! Why should I? You're the only one who gets any enjoyment out of it! Why? Yeah, it HAS been a long time. Yes. Goodbye. Responses How did you know? I beg your pardon? I'm sorry. Don't be ridiculous! Don't do this to me. You punk! You're a dirt bag! You don't have a job, remember? You ungrateful brat! How could you do this to me? When are you going to grow up and accept some responsibility? I cannot remember All right, I'm going, but if anything awful happens, it's on your heads. You are making this very difficult for me. You dismissed me! Yeah, it HAS been a long time. Yes, married! Yes, in a few days, and I'm giving her a little wedding here in Miami and I wanted to invite you, can you come? You don't. You have a phone call. You know that remark makes about as much sense as the ridiculous marijuana law, which I am against. You know there is nothing worse than being wide awake and scared and by yourself. You made me feel like a child, a fool, a neurotic who was wasting your time. You never told me that. You probably don't remember me, but, you told me I wasn't sick. You remind me of some famous person, I can't remember who. Ahhhh- ha You're overreacting! But that's not what this is, I had to give up my job because I was too tired. Can't you say hello first? Cause if you don't, I'll kill you! Do you know why? Because I feel lousy and being mean to you makes me feel better.
Marijuana Don't know anybody who uses pot, huh? I had the real pot, I had it, but after three days my husband took it away from me just 20 minutes ago! You win, you've made your point, there is nothing I can do. You keep the pot. Give me my marijuana and I'll give you the money!