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Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, a.k.a Katy Perry, is a miracle that only a strict Christian upbringing and autotune can produce. If only autotune could also make a bland personality brilliant, she would be the perfect modern day artist. Prank away, ladies and gents. Learn More

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Statements I always want to be in your dreams. And I always want you to feel like it's a teenage dream. Goodness, I'm pretty much an open book. I am giving hopefully, some constructive criticism. I feel pregnant already. I think we're on the same level of stupidity. I'm so excited we're hanging out like all afternoon. If I see the lochness monster I will know that that's a sign. It's not like I'm going to have sex with you anyways. No, I mean fine, then I'll have to start followimg her on Twitter. Now I'm smurfalicious. They keep evolving into these one hit wonders that get stuck in your head until you hate them. Yeah I'm so rebellious. Yeah because we live in the USA and there is no health care! Yeah, I still listen to gospel music. um that just a part of my personality, the things that I'm not allowed to have I indulge in these days. At the same time that I came up with the lollypop boobs I came up with the whipped cream ammo. Cause you to put thing in orfices that are not cool. I just always wanted to look like my sister. I like to be considered more of the tease. Questions Are you a ginger? What is my assistant in jail garb? Responses Oh yeah man, that's cool, I could do that. Thank You. Statements Cont. I love gingers like MIA loves gingers. I think it's a sign of Hell and the Devil. I would probably say no. I'm such a sunshiny type of girl, if the sun comes out, I come out, If sun isn't out, you won't see me! I've never met her but I love those dimples. It's inside of me waiting to Napoleon Dynamite itself out. It's just gawkward. No I'm gonna try this coz I can. Shannon and I like to basically D-I-C-K around. They thought it was based in magic and sorcery and that was kinda a no no with the rules. Those girls are too cracked out to even come to the party. Well if I could have a whole new face that would be perfect. Well, my boobs are real. Women are like cats.