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Lady Gaga is a modern day goddess sent to us from above to remind us why we loved David Bowie and Madonna so much. She has the voice of a seasoned chantuse that can bring you to tears after knocking you to your knees. Learn More

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Greetings Hello Hello, my name is Lady Gaga. My name is Lady Gaga. Call me Gaga. Responses Me too. That's funny. Well, congratulations. Thank you so much this is such an honor. Questions Did you just get out of jail? Do I want to stick it to anybody? Have you been to any of my shows out of curiosity? Is this real life? What do you mean Bazooka Gum? You know what's so funny? Statements Right now we're in a bar. I prefer "Stefani" in bed. I don't like surprises and I don't like pranks. If God calls you pick up the dang phone. Me and my ass and my tits and my brain are very happy to be here today. This is who I am. This is who the fuck I am. A lot of people see outfits and glasses and crazy outfits. And I want to be giving birth to my own head Andrew was a 3rd RA where I went to college and wrote me up for drinking in my room. I don't want to be part of the machine. I have to be really honest people who say they can't escape the paparazzi are full of shit. I just didn't want to wear clothes today I really am blessed to have such beautiful fans with such beautiful spirits. I wanna be on a government owned territory in space. I do spend a lot of time on Google. I want the machine to be part of me. If you don't have any shadows you're not standing in the light. There are lots of funny things that happen backstage at the Monster Ball. Well my my how the tables have turned. When I was in high school all of my girlfriends wanted to get jobs here.