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We know that his real name is Paul Reubens, but to us, he will always be on a big adventure, and he will always be Pee-Wee. He is a comedic genius, and a treasure of pop culture. Enjoy. Learn More

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Conversational Hello! Guess what?! Hi Mario Hello Dottie? Bye OK What No! Yeah! Great! It's me, PeeWee PeeWee's playhouse, PeeWee speaking Uh, fine That's what I said, No! That's my name, don't wear it out Yea! You! [Laughing] [Screams] Secret Word Today's first secret word is: Here! Today's real secret word is: Great! Today's secret word is: How! Today's secret word is: It! Today's secret word is: No! Today's secret word is: OK! hah Today's secret word is: Well! Questions Wanna play something? What do you wanna play? Hello, is Dr. Jinga-Janga in? Dr. Windslow J. Jinga-Janga Are you Dr. Jinga-Janga Well, may I speak with him? Are you a vegetarian? Are you kidding? How are yeee today? Bring a present for somebody else, OK? Could you wire me a bus ticket, I'll pay you back, honest. Did you say something to Terry? Did you steal Misses T's apples? How 'bout, pretty please? Oh please, oh please, oh please How could I refuse since you asked so nicely? How do you like school Billy? I gotta go, my parents just came in I'd like to have a little informal chat with you, OK? Statements I know you are, but what am I? I'm havin' a party, and you're invited! I'm TRYING to use the PHONE! Put Dottie back on! Well, my mistake. Haha Why don't you make me? Are you tryin' to drive me crazy?! Well, are you uptight or what? Is it fun being so beautiful? It's not nice to make prank phone calls! It's the kind of party where everybody gets presents Listen, I'll prove it Oh, well I hope you're not contagious Please save your questions until I'm through Talk about your big butt When did you discover that you were so beautiful? Why don't you take a picture? It'll last longer Will you still help me find my bike? Ya'll come back now, you hear? You can't just make up lies about people You promise you won't laugh at me if I tell you something? You shouldn't steal stuff that doesn't belong to you